Restoration & Repair Services

 When it comes to repairing and restoring your furniture we offer a variety of services.  From repairing and restoring dining, end, and coffee tables to dressers, armories, and antiques, we can restore your all of your wooden pieces. Additionally, fabric solutions are available to correct leather and fabric items. The end result should be a furniture item that looks as good as new and is restored to its original function and structure. So, there’s no need to throw it out and replace a piece when we can bring it back to life!

Wood Furniture Repair

 Most conventionally purchased wood furniture today just isn’t built with the same durability as pieces from the past, so if your coffee table or china cabinet is damaged, you won’t want to throw it out. Loose and wobbly chairs, damaged feet, drawer that just won't close, we can fix it! We can even replace a lost drawer, door, shelf or decorative wood pieces can be recreated.  Fortunately, we can repair your antique pieces to restore them to their former glory. 

Furniture Restoration

 In addition to fixing broken pieces of furniture, we also offer furniture restoration and recreation services. The Recreation Services that we offer mainly applies to a piece that may be missing an antique finial or decorative piece. Since woodworking is our specialty we can create a new piece to match the existing one. We can also build a new drawer or leaf if one is missing.  Regardless of whether you have an antique armoire that could use refinishing or wicker furniture that is in need of a new coat of paint, our restoration services can improve the appearance of an item in addition to the structure and function extending the life of the piece for years to come.


Upholstery Restoration

  In addition to furniture repair and restoring, we also offer Upholstery Spot Cleaning and Restoration Services. If you have a couch with a wine stain, a marker stain, etc.… we can remove it.

Leather Furniture Repair

 Leather furniture pieces are extremely durable and are a great addition to any room. Over time, pets, children, and general wear and tear can damage leather furniture. Whether you need a scratch repair or a patch to correct a rip we can match the exact shade and texture of your leather so that you will never notice that the item has been worked on. 

Insurance Work 

We offer fire and water restoration services. Insurance Estimates are available. 

Commercial Work 

We also preform commercial refinishing and maintenance services. 

Wood Restoration and maintenance for Doors, Gates, Panels, Industrial Equipment Repainting, and more. 

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