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 If you are looking for ordinary furniture made with imported materials then this is not the place to find it. 

 If you are looking for quirky unique pieces that are handmade in the USA using reclaimed materials please proceed... 

 We are delighted that you are interested in our work. Our pieces were created using Reclaimed and Re-purposed Materials from and around the Baltimore area. From old steel created right here, in Baltimore 100 years ago at Bethlehem Steel, aka “The Point", to a fallen tree that stood for 75 years in a row home's back yard, we love it all! Creating art and furniture using Live Edge wood and reclaimed materials is our passion. Each piece is handcrafted with care to bring out the beauty of the natural wood.
 Bringing new life to forgotten things is what we like to do. We also love to see other people creating. We are now selling our custom sawn wood and lumber to other artists and craftspeople. Please check out our site and shoot us an email if you need assistance or services. 

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